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Clio, MI 48420


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Clio's First Murder Mystery Dinner

February 3, 2017


Clio Proud and Strong and Clio Cast and Crew are thrilled to announce our first Murder Mystery Dinner for March 25, 2017!  Prepare yourself for a night of fun, elegance, and a spin back to the roaring twenties. 


Live music, interactive and exciting characters, delicious food, wonderful people, including you, will make this evening unforgettable. 


The gig is up and it all goes down, starting at 5 pm, on Saturday, at the Juice Joint, aka, a secret-location-within-the-walls-of-the-Clio-Area-Senior-Center, on the night of March 25, 2017.



Bernie and Betty Borden's big secret is about to be revealed!  The CBI (Clio Bureau of ... well, you get it ...) has been onto them for some time now ... fifty ... sixty ... uh ... many years ... but whose countin'?


Suspicions were on the rise, but recent evidence is accumulating like potholes on Poplar Street.  We knew it was time to act when Bernie mentioned retirement.  This past Christmas, after a super-high-number of years, Bernie decided not to be the Marshall for the CandleLite Nite Parade.  In the dark of night, one week prior to the big event, we caught Bernie meeting John Neelands, a seemingly innocent and hardworking fellow Rotarian (who is now under scrutiny as well), in the dimly lit parking lot of Roger's Lodge. 


Bernie presented John with a lovely blue Tiffany box, tied with a white satin ribbon.  John was quite uncomfortable receiving such an ostentatiously wrapped gift and wasn't quite sure what to do with the awkward box, but Bernie's dramatic hand signals made it clear that John was supposed to open the box.  Thankfully, the pressure of the suspense was not horribly delayed!  Shouldn't people open a gift the moment they receive it?  Isn't it only proper and considerate--especially to the onlookers spying upon the encounter?


Inside this beautiful, smooth blue, delicately colored box was the official Parade Marshal clipboard along with a number of oddly crumpled, multi-colored post-it notes, and scraps of yellow lined pieces of paper (our investigative photographer was able to zoom right in on the package).


Now, we are left with numerous questions:


How did Bernie choose John for this prestigious position?


What method of determination was used?


Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe?


A toss of the dice?


Did John draw the short stick?


Why does Bernie have a Tiffany Box?


Does he collect them?


And does Betty really know everything--such as Bernie's fine decorating skills, which were revealed this past Christmas for the first time?


Is interior decorating his new, passion post-retirement?


New revelation has also revealed a secret beauty cream that Betty uses to hide her true age, causing many to speculate ... is Betty the Bonnie to Bernie's Clyde?


Perhaps Bonnie and Clyde never died that fateful day in May so many years ago and instead travelled north to Clio, Michigan ... Are the Borden's the real Bonnie and Clyde?!?!


Or is all this just a clever diversion to distract us as Bernie and Betty escape to Flint, Michigan for a water retreat to celebrate their anniversary?



We have other suspicious events which require further investigation as well.  Rumors of underground gambling, embezzling gangsters, murderous mobsters, and moonshine sneakers sneaking booze into our Prohibition-law-abiding town are running rampant--faster than you crawl through the hidden tunnels in downtown!


This lawlessness must be stopped!  We are doing all we can to keep our community safe, respectable, and beautiful.  We are depending on the good, reputable, and honest citizens of Clio and our surrounding region to help us get to the guts of these malicious rumors and clear them up for the sake of our community and the sacred reputations of our people!


All secrets and mysteries will be revealed the eve of March 25, 2017.  Don't miss it!


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