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614 N Mill St
Clio, MI 48420


Clio PS


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Murder-NOT-Murder Mystery Dinner Event

April 9, 2018


We have a Murder-Not-Murder Mystery Dinner Event filled with intrigue, kidnapping, and the possibilities of other crimes of passion such as blackmail, cheating, revenge, and alien abduction.  The Clio Proud and Strong (CPS) Board decided we can have fun with all sorts of dastardly deeds without killing people off.  Even fictional murder seemed like a contradiction when promoting our recent OK2SAY Rotary event with the motto: "Stop the Silence.  Help End the Violence." 


Our original plan was to do “Murder at the Pie Auction,” a comical little play suggested by the talented Patrick Hubbard of Clio Cast and Crew.  We ordered the play, began reviewing and thought we were ready to go.


Plans changed, as I explained above, but the “Pie” idea took root and reminded me of the episode, “Dual Spires” from one my favorite shows called “Psych” with James Roday, Dulé Hill.  The story went into redevelopment mode, and after some manipulation, coercion, and lucid dreaming, we bring you: Mayhem and Mishaps at the Pie Auction.


And if you have an inkling to watch shows like Wayward Pines, X-Files, or Twin Peaks, for weeks following our event, just relax and enjoy yourself!


We are thrilled to connect with our High School Theatre Department and grateful to Pam Beauchamp, the director of this fine group for working with us.  (Be sure to watch for news on their upcoming musical, “Little Shop of Horrors” on May 11, 12, and 13.)


Clio Ridge is a quaint little fictitious town, with a deep feeling for the community.  The majority of people have known one another for many years, including each other’s perks and quirks.  A few newcomers have drifted into town to add some excitement into the mix--enough to stir things up, but nothing revs up Clio Ridge more than the news about the former tycoon of Sunshine Scottish Foods, George General dropping in on the weekend of the 33rd Annual Pie Festival!


And we can’t wait for you to meet Daniel “Vain” Dane, a former “Clio Ridge Cast and Crew” member.  We created him in honor of our grand time last year with Clio Cast and Crew.  Vain Dane rose to stardom in Hollywood after being “discovered” while saving the act when a wardrobe malfunction occurred during a live stage performance of Move Over, Mrs. Markham.  The right person happened to be in the audience to witness his incredible whatever-that-was stunt.  The vision must have been spectacular.

Stay tuned to our event page to get to know our suspects, watch out for Lilly Lothing’s News Stories from the Clio Ridge Rooster and find out more information about our fantastic event!


Tickets are available online or you may purchase them at The Brough Bakery or at The Clio Area Senior Center.


Tickets: 2 for $50 or 1 for $30
Saturday, April 21, 2018
Doors Open 5 PM, Dinner 6 PM


Italian Cuisine Dinner: Chicken Alfredo, Mostaccioli, Meatballs (cooked again by Chef Gwen Brough!)


Mayhem and Mishaps at the Pie Auction Facebook Event






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