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33rd Annual Clio Ridge Pie Festival Begins April 21

April 18, 2018

CLIO RIDGE (fictitious), MI – We can now catch a first glimpse of the bright green tulip leaves breaking through the dark topsoil, signifying the time is near for our 33rd Annual Clio Ridge Pie Festival!

At this year’s festival, we have multiple reasons to celebrate. George General, the millionaire and former owner of Sunshine Scottish Foods, is presenting a large check to our pleasant town during a special reception on April 21st at the Clio Ridge Art Gallery.


At this same reception, Daniel Dane, whom we know best from his performances with Clio Ridge Cast and Crew, is returning home from Hollywood to share his newly released documentary, Pie, Pie, Where Art Thou? His film, based on his latest obsession with pie, and I speculate, the lovely bakery owner of Beth Anne’s Bake Shoppe.


Daniel Dane, otherwise known around the world for high-action thrillers, such as Menacing Maniac, The Burning Inn, The Darkness Before the Light, The Blue Room, The Never Ending Staircase, and his Oscar-nominated film, The Noise Behind the Curtain. "Vain" Dane may not have taken home the Academy Award for Best Director, but he did win a surprising Emmy for his short stint in television with the mini-series, The Picture that Stared Back.


Dane could use another Emmy or at least nomination of any kind, but don’t count on his latest work producing a positive outcome for him. The news trickling in is carmelizing into a sticky mess for the future of Vain Dane’s Hollywood career. Even sweet Beth Anne cannot whisk away this catastrophe unless she can glaze over the eyes of Hollywood’s elite with her baked goods.


She better be able to keep satisfying Dane’s sweet tooth, because I also hear that places like Walmart, VG’s, Riverside Market, The Whistle Stop Café, Montrose Orchards … even The Brough Bakery banned Dane because of his high demands. Any place that bakes pie within a three-mile radius is on high alert!



Click here to check out our event on Facebook and discover more about the people of Clio Ridge.



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